Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Amazon Glacier

Amazon recently introduced Glacier, a cloud data archival service. Based on James Hamilton's post, is presumably built on a large, shared, tape infrastructure. With the addition of this service, Amazon now provides a very compelling set of storage services to suit a whole variety of application needs.

Service Purpose Pricing (As of August 2012)
ElastiCache Memcached service 9 cents/hour for 1.7GB node ( = 3800 cents/GB-month, approx.)
DynamoDB Low latency, guaranteed throughput, indexed, SSD-based NoSQL store 100 cents/GB-month
SimpleDBOlder, more complex NoSQL store25 cents/GB-month
EC2 Local Storage Instance-local storage Approx 36 cents/GB-month
EBS Reliable block store 10 cents/GB-month
S3 Cross-datacenter durable storage 12.5 cents/GB-month or, for reduced redundancy, 9.3 cents/GB-month
Glacier Archival storage 1 cent/GB-month

Each service has a different pricing structure based on the I/O requests you subject it to, and different guarantees about how long the requests might take. But if you look at it purely from a storage cost standpoint, you have a clear idea of how much it costs a developer to keep a piece of data in memory, on SSDs, on local on spinning disks, in-datacenter-redundant disks, cross-datacenter-redundant disks, or on tape!

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