Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More on Disruptions

Another non-technical post. I was thinking through the amazing variety of industries in which web and related technologies have caused disruptive changes. There's a whole bunch of disruptions along the theme of monetizing the "long tail" --

Long Tail Disruptions
Existing Industry Disruptive Technology Companies
Media Advertising Online Ad networks, exchanges AdSense
Retail Online Retail/Auctions Amazon, eBay
Banking P2P Lending through web-based apps Lending Club
Hotels, B&B P2P Space Sharing through web-based apps AirBnB
Content Publishing Self Publishing with hosted blogging platforms Blogger, WordPress, etc.
Discounted High-End Brand Retail Web, Social Media +Daily Deal Email Gilt.com, Fab.com, ...
Tax Accounting Web-based Apps TurboTax
Financial Advice Web-based Apps Mint.com
Broadcast Television Streaming Video Netflix, Hulu

And now the IT industry itself is possibly undergoing several disruptive changes:

IT Disruptions
Middleware (DBs, AppServers, etc.) PaaS Amazon Web Services, Google AppEngine, Force.com, Heroku, SpringSource, CloudFoundry, Rackspace Cloud
Data Warehousing MapReduce, Hadoop Yahoo, Hortonworks, Cloudera, IBM, ...
Short Request Processing NoSQL stores DataStax, Couchbase, Grid vendors

Some of these disruptions are likely to have a small effect, and some of these are probably going to change the landscape of IT. It sure is an interesting time to be in technology!

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